About me

Hi, I'm Aleksa Ćuković, a software engineer from Montenegro. I enjoy solving problems and building things. I especially like building stuff that I can use myself, hence I prefer to work on infrastructure and developer tooling. When I'm not working I'm probably hanging out with my friends and family, lifting weights, playing basketball or playing EU4.

Not long ago my main interest was AI/ML. My main contribution to the field is a large quantity of memes I made and posted on my meme page and twitter account which were among the first and most popular accounts of that kind at the time.

About my work

Currently I'm getting paid to build infrastructure on AWS and Kubernetes. If you're doing the same but would rather spend more time focusing on your business, hit me up, I might be able to help with that.

When it comes to coding I'm most comfortable with JavaScript/TypeScript and Python, but lately I've been picking up a bit of Go and Rust. I'm passionate about open source and have made many small contributions to various projects and open sourced some of my own work. My OSS work is available on my GitHub account. For more info about my career check out my hopefully only slightly outdated resume.

About this website

Appart from being a central part of my online presence, my goal with this website is to write about stuff I find important and interesting. I've noticed a widening gap between my experiences, especially as a software developer, and stuff that's being written about, so I'm trying to close that gap. When it comes to tech behind the website, it's a static site built with Next.js and hosted on Cloudflare Pages.


If you'd like to reach out feel free to send me an email at hello@aleksac.me. Since I've only had positive experience with people reaching out, my DMs are open and you can contact me on twitter and instagram.