Atomic Sync For Website Deployments to S3

Despite the growing popularity of static hosting solutions like Cloudflare Pages and Netlify, an S3 bucket with a CDN in front of it is still a good choice for hosting a static website.

Deploying to S3 is very simple and effectively boils down to a variation of the following AWS CLI command:

aws s3 sync <website> s3://<bucket>

Unfortunately this is not an atomic operation, so if something breaks during the sync or if the uploads are taking a long time, you will be left in an inconsistent state.

For example a new version of an html page might have been uploaded but the corresponding styles, javascript or images haven't.

Luckily this can be fixed easily - we just need to upload the assets first and the pages after that.

For a React Vite SPA the commands would look something like this:

aws s3 cp dist s3://<bucket_name> --recursive --exclude index.html
aws s3 sync dist s3://<bucket_name> --delete

The same principle applies to any type of website as long as you can separate the pages from the rest of the assets.

For websites with multiple pages you can still encounter issues like broken links due to referencing pages that haven't been uploaded yet, but you won't have broken pages.


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